What we do

We take the noice away!

Swedac’s brand is a guarantee of the highest quality noise-canceling products
with the aim of reducing unwanted noise levels.
We take the noice away

Welcome to Swedac Acoustic

Swedac is a family-owned company started in 1980 by Ingvar Aremyr and Göran Falk. Swedac was started with the goal of being able to work on ships and offshore and after several successful installations of newly developed products, Swedac’s products became an obvious choice for several yards both in Sweden and Finland. Since then, collaboration has started in France and in Norway. Swedac’s good reputation also reached Japan and a collaboration with Kuriyama Corporation started. After many years of developing effective solutions, we have a standard range that is adapted to solve most noise problems, but there are always opportunities for special products.

Over the years, Swedac has also developed its own products that are unique. Our damping cartridges are an example of a product that required many years of development. The damping cartridges are manufactured at our factory and every detail is made by hand. Swedac PVP sheet is also manufactured in our factory and is adapted to the customer’s wishes in terms of quality, dimensions and quantity. SWEDAC’s products guarantee a good result and satisfied customers.


In a factory, Swedac Damping sheet DS-2-S, Sound absorbents type FA, PA or UAR with or without barrier mats are used for noise control purposes on machinery guards, vibrating feed units, conveyor belts, bottling machines, press hoods and rubbish containers.

Building & Construction

Walking on a floor or a stage made from chipboard or plywood will create disturbing impact noise in the room and impact noise transmission to the apartment below. Viscoelastic damping of the floors, stairs and stages will lead to a noise reduction.

Motor Vehicles

For buses, railway coaches, trucks, coaches, vans, cars, fork-lift trucks or off-highway equipment. Inadequate transmission loss of the floor is often the prime cause of a poor sound insulation. We have products In order to improve the acoustic properties!

Ship & Off Shore

Because the steel and aluminium constructions used for ships and plattforms are stiff and therefore highly resonant, no exceptional forces are required to excite the structure and give rise to noise. Our products help!

Vibrating Damping

Lots of products to choose from: Viscoelastic Sheet VS, Damped Sheet Metal PVP, Damping layer SWEDAC DG-U 6, Damping Glue DG A2, SWEDAC Damping cassettes, Damping sheet DS, Damping compound DC-P 500.

Sound Absorption

Engine compartment lining in cars, tractors, trucks, construction machinery, boats, compressors etc. Intended for use in areas where appearance and durability is important, for example in control room areas, oil or water proof products.