Vibration Damping

In many cases, it is a very efficient and economic solution to the noise problem of applying an absorbing layer to a noise radiating surface. The viscoelastic properties of damping layer used for absorbing mechanical vibrational energy, which is hereby converted to heat. Swedac has several suitable materials for structure borne noise of several different types of structures.

Damped Sheet Metal PVP

A vibration and noise transmission construction materials constructed by laminating two simple plates with an intermediate viscoelastic layer (water-based).

Constructions of plate normally has a very low loss factor = ability to transform “oscillation energy” to heat. Typical loss factor for an ordinary Undamped metal construction 0.001 -0.01. By using SWEDAC PVP plate, the loss factor increased to 0.3-0.8, which theoretically results in a reduced emission of noise at resonance by 15-30 dB.

Used for the construction of highly efficient floating floor, improved sound reduction between cabins, as well as the design of control panels, hoods and other radiant steel surfaces. Can be produced in galvanized, stainless steel, hot dip galvanized and aluminum sheet metal. We laminates even our plate with Dobel plate available in different colors and qualities.

SWEDAC PVP plate can be treated much like a normal plate when it comes to cutting and piercing. When bending radius should be kept min 1.5-2 times the plate thickness to not rush the viscoelastic material. PVP plate behaves as two successive loose sheets and displaces itself according to the difference in the bending radius between the outer panel and the inner panel. Displacement is also affected by the material thickness, bending angle and the distance to the plate edge. On several bends, these must be done against the free edge that allows displacement.

For attachment and bonding is recommended primarily pop rivets or screws. PVP plate can also spot welded by “puncturing” of the viscoelastic layer with a center punch + electrical contact with staples or pliers.

All processing must be done at room temperature.

Damping layer SWEDAC DG-U 6

2-component polyurethane compound designed for damping resonant vibrations in aluminum, steel, stone, ceramic, fiberglass and solid wood structures.

DG-U 6 has high thixotropy which allows the application of thick layers even on vertical surfaces.DG-U 6 has good resistance to oils and chemicals.

The damping layer laminated or glued between two rigid construction material either symmetrically or asymmetrically. An asymmetrical “sandwich” should thickness ratio of the rigid layers not exceed 4: 1 for steel and 3: 1 for fiber reinforced plastic and wood materials. At the suppression of profiles the opposit layer should be as thick as the profile thickness.

Examples of applications are structure born noice damping of steel and aluminum decks and bulkheads, improved sound reduction index for doors, engine compartments and other simple walls as well as improved sound dampening of steel stairs and other resonant surfaces.

Damping Glue DG A2

Viscoelastic damping of resonant vibrations in sheet materials such as plywood, gypsum and chipboard, provides a very high loss factor of the finished product. The difference on an acoustic glue and a regular wood glue is the acoustic adhesive properties that allow the glue never gets hard but remain elastic for a long time. Swedac´s damping glue DG-A2 has proven to keep its elastic properties over a much longer time than some competing adhesives on the Swedish market.

Examples of applications are structure born noice dampening of floors in buses and rail cars, improvement in reduction index of doors, engine room hatches and other simple walls, improved sound dampening in bunk floors and stairs.

MDF board laminated with DG A2 is an excellent disc for building high quality speakers.

Available in packs of 10kg and 155kg

Damping compound Dc-p-500

Vibration and noise transmission aqueous pulp intended for direct use on sheet metal structures of steel and aluminum.

Applications are for example in the door panels on cars, steel cabinets, aluminum boats, etc.

Spray Equipment: air or airless spray. You can also brush or walker. Most important is the mass applied in thin layers where it is allowed to dry before applying the next layer.

The effect of damping compound Swedac DC P 500 depends on the thickness ratio damping layer / plate. Typical applications with a thickness equal to the plate thickness. Higher damping is obtained with increasing thickness of the damping compound.

Sold in 15 kg’s packaging..

SWEDAC Damping cassettes

A well-developed technology to dampen structure borne sound in steel and aluminum structures

  • Swedac Damping Cassettes have been developed to absorb free resonant bending vibration present in the plating of aluminum and steel structures with thickness> 4mm.
  • Swedac Damping Cassettes have a normal length of 1 m and has at this length 10 or 20 individual gripping legs welded to the plate fields.
  • The Damping cassete is very practical and easy to install as it easily attached by welding next to the substrate.
  • Swedac Damping Cassettes 40.30.40 Al = 1000mm suitable for aluminum up to 8mm
  • Swedac Damping Cassettes 60.30.60 Elfz and RF 1000mm = Suitable for steel structures with 4-20mm thickness.
  • Swedac Damping Cassettes 70.15.70 Elfz and RF 1000mm = Suitable for steel structures with 20-50mm thickness.

Use: Structure borne noice damping in coarser structures of steel and aluminum, for example, marine, offshore and in the cellulose industry.

Damping sheet DS

  • Swedac DS-2-S damping sheet intended for structure born sound of sheet metal e.g. ventilation ducts, office equipment, hoods, door panels and enclosures.
  • Swedac DS-2-S is suitable for computer cases and smaller electronics where fans and processors get the chassis to radiate sound.
  • Swedac DS-2-S is provided with adhesive backing for easy application. Thanks to its low weight works DS-2-S in all possible and impossible angles.
  • By heating to about 30-50 ° C the damping sheet is additionally easily formed over the curved and irregular surfaces.
  • Swedac laminating damping sheet DS-2-S with both absorbers and condensation insulation to maintain optimum installations.

Available in sizes: 1250 x 1000