Ships and Offshore vessels

  • Swedac has since the early 80s worked on ships and offshore industry
  • Swedac assisted with installation help, and had thus good contact with several major shipyards in Finland and France.
  • Also on Götaverken in Gothenburg was most installations.
  • With many successful projects was SWEDAC.s deck coatings standard products for several laps.
  • Audio Consultants and architects took on our systems.
  • Swedac early with an aqueous viscoelastic mass that was covered with an elastic concrete (SBR Latex Concrete), this was the V2 system startup.
  • In Japan, this system has been the standard for many turns over many years.
  • As a result of our collaboration with Weber Saint-Gobain, we have now moved on to the system, only weber.floor 4660 Marine Elastic
  • With several certificates, both the A-60 and the Primary Deck Covering and MED-D Quality System Approval so Swedac a reliable choice.

Floating Floor PVP

  • SWEDAC PVP floor system is produced from a minimum of 5 mm “sandwich” steels or aluminum sheet and 40 to 100 mm mineral wool.
  • Swedac have both the A-60 and the Primary Deck Covering certificate for PVP floating floor system
  • Our certificates give the customer freedom of choice to use different brands of mineral wool / floor slabs.
  • It is important that the mineral wool is steering marked and approved for marine applications.
  • Together with partners, we have also implemented a point load tests with good results.
  • Swedac PVP has also been tested in Ødegaard & Danneskiold-Samsøe A / S and the test report is available.

System U1, V2 and U10

System U-1: damping layer DG-U1, 2-component polyurethane for use on steel decks. Applied to 1- 4 mm thick and covered with steel.

System V2: damping layer ACM, water mass that filled out onto the deck to a thickness of 1-1.5 mm thick layer and covered with Weber 4660th

System U 10: damping layer DG-U1, 2-component polyurethane for use on steel and aluminum decks. Applied to 1- 1.5 mm thick and covered with Weber 4660th

Swedac PVP

The vibration-damped structural plate with a water-based viscoelastic material.

Used for the construction of highly efficient floating floor, improved sound reduction between cabins, as well as the design of control panels, hoods and other radiant steel surfaces.

Can be produced in galvanized, stainless steel, hot dip galvanized and aluminum sheet metal. We laminates even our plate with Dobel sheet metal available in different colors and qualities.

SWEDAC PVP plate can be treated much like a normal plate when it comes to cutting and piercing.

When bending radius should be kept min 1.5-2 times the plate thickness to not rush the viscoelastic material. PVP plate behaves as two successive loose sheets and displaces itself according to the difference in the bending radius between the outer panel and the inner panel. Displacement is also affected by the material thickness, bending angle and the distance to the plate edge. On several bends, these must be done against the free edge that allows displacement.

For attachment and bonding is recommended primarily pop rivets or screws. PVP plate can also spot welded by “puncturing” of the viscoelastic layer with a center punch + electrical contact with staples or pliers.

All processing must be done at room temperature.