Swedac Acoustic AB

Swedac was started with the goal of being able to work on ships and offshore and after several successful installations of newly developed products, Swedac’s products became an obvious choice for several yards both in Sweden and Finland

About the company

Swedac is a family owned company founded in 1980 by Ingvar Aremyr and Steve Falk. Swedac started with the goal to work towards the ships and offshore and after several successful installations of newly developed products became Swedac´s products is an obvious choice for several turns in both Sweden and Finland. Then started collaborations in France and Norway. Swedac´s reputation even reached Japan and a collaboration with Kuriyama Corporation started. After many years of developing effective solutions, we have a standard range that is adapted to solve most noise problems but there are always opportunities for specialty products. Swedac over the years has also developed its own products that are unique. Our Damping cassettes is an example of a product that required many years of development. The damping cassettes manufactured in our factory and every detail is done by hand. Swedac PVP plate also manufactured in our factory and customized according to customer requirements for quality, size and quantity.

Over the years many collaborations with subcontractors, agents and consultants bound and Swedac have always worked long term with frequent collaborations in order to maintain good quality and reliable delivery.

With many years of development and hard work has Swedac AB gained a good reputation in several industries. We always provide quality service regardless of the size of the project. Swedac has essentially been a selling company but has on several occasions even made successful installations in the shipping industry, engineering industry, paper industry and the construction industry. By using installers who worked with our products before we offer security in every made installation.

With today’s knowledge and experience of noise and its harmful effects, demands on both the working and living environment harder. It is then required high quality insulation to meet the requirements of acoustic comfort. Swedac’s brand is a guarantee of noise suppression products of the highest quality in order to reduce unwanted noise.

Swedac´s goal is to solve our customers problems by means of air sound insulation, insulating mats, viscoelastic lots and materials. We can help with advice, calculations and simpler design drawings. With a well equipped machinery, we can also help with the design and machining of various materials.